Dating service for down syndrome adults

or contact me directly if you support the idea and have suggestions!(updated: July 2011) Ideas I've publicly posted here I'd love to implement myself, but I know I (realistically) don't have enough time and/or resources.If you know of individuals or organizations that might be a good fit, please share!Posted by MCDSIG in Q and A Forum | 13 comments My family and I are moving to Montgomery County (relocating from CA for a job) and have a 5 year old son who has Down Syndrome and is Deaf.

This has prompted me to create a facebook group which I hope you will join...

A family who lives in the Roxboro/Chestnut Hill area is looking for social contacts for their 30 year old daughter.

She works and does Special Olympics, but is interested in meeting people for movies, mall, general hanging out.

'If he doesn't get a girlfriend, I will feel really bad, because I have sold him this thing that he is like everybody else.

That's why I'm working overtime to get this sorted for him.' Miss Baxter from Abingdon, Oxfordshire is single and has never married but has three other adopted sons - James, 27, Titus, 14, and Raphael, seven. She has already helped James to set up a page on a social networking website to invite potential partners to come forward for him.

Dating service for down syndrome adults