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Snyder and Whedon are said to have a strong rapport and that Whedon is intent on seeing through Snyder's vision for the film.Snyder also said to THR that he planned to keep the matter of his daughter’s death private, but that once he decided to step away from “Justice League” he knew there would be a demand for answers. I’m past caring about that kind of thing now.”Snyder added, “In the end, it’s just a movie. Not only was the show centered around a kickass heroine, but she also had a variety of female friends and foes.

Filming on “Justice League” had already finished, and Snyder was in the throes of post-production in order to meet the film’s Nov. Whedon will now oversee a handful of reshoots that had already been scheduled prior to Synder’s daughter’s death, as well as the post-production process.He’s also seen chasing a female employee yelling, “I’m the boss of you! ,” with the PSA explaining, “No employee would get away with this. READ MORE: ‘Weatherman’ Short Film: Joss Whedon Directs Keegan-Michael Key in Apocalyptic Trump Takedown — Watch Over the past month, Save the Day has helped register nearly 50,000 voters through their digital campaign.Additional videos included in the voting PSAs include “Important: Influencer Edition” starring Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and more, “The Youth” with Bill Hader and Nicole Byer, and “Weatherman” with Keegan Michael-Key.Firefly got resurrected (partly due to good DVD figures and enormous fan effort) as the feature film Serenity (produced by Universal), after which time Whedon became involved in film projects such as Wonder Woman and Goners.Prior to Dollhouse, his last writing credit to air on TV was the Angel-finale "Not Fade Away", which aired in May 2004.