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These British settlers came to depend on slave labor for the harsh logging work in Belize.

Many skirmishes between the British Baymen and the Spanish arose, for the Spanish still claimed control of the area. George’s Caye when Baymen chased Spanish ships away from what had come to be known as British Honduras.

This fact impinges most heavily upon poor women, whose need to work, as a matter of objective survival, entails diverse and invidious forms of exploitation, exacerbated by the constancy of women's culturally prescribed domestic and reproductive responsibilities.

The pressure to balance income production against labor-intensive domestic roles and to maintain one's public reputation imposes severe constraints on women's social and economic autonomy, and induces their ideological collusion to perpetuate the normative conditions of female subservience.

It is not common to encounter youths living with their parents around the age of 20 or above.

As a consequence of this trend, the most common family structure in Belize is the single-parent family.

An increasing number of Belizean families are headed by single parents, especially mothers.

By the late 1600’s many British settled along the coast, making their living cutting logwood.Recent immigration has changed the country’s demographics quite a bit, but Belize has a long history of successfully blending disparate ethnic groups into a unified culture.In spite of the changes, Belizean culture still has a distinctly Caribbean feel.Given systematic economic, political, and legal gender disadvantages, women's accommodation to their subordinate cultural, socioeconomic, and political status is usefully approached by analyzing the survival value that their ideologically and historically conditioned behavior patterns confer within the prevailing societal matrix.These observations are clearly borne out in Irma Mc Claurin's ethnography, , a contribution to Latin American women's testimonial literature from one of the region's most diverse but least noted cultural and historical crossroads.