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I think just seeing so many different people on social media or wherever makes me think there are, like, millions of women at my fingertips and I should meet as many of them as possible. Mostly meets people: on Tinder (but I don't really like it.Necessary evil the same way everyone is on Facebook because everyone is on Facebook).10 p.m.: I met Teacher, a woman I first met in college seven years ago and recently reconnected with when she moved to New York, for drinks.Sign up takes less than 1.5 minutes and our platform is incredibly easy to use!With more and more concerns about online dating, we have partnered up with Online Dating Protector to ensure the people who you are talking to, really are, who they say they are!

She told the Daily Star: 'I think it would be great if I could put my skills to use on him.'Maybe I can meet him in the UK when I do my tour.'I have never seen a bionic penis before. If there comes a time I would not say no to it.'A US leg of the tour might well be in the offering too after 50 Cent shared pictures of Saulino on his Facebook page.

a.m.: Teacher and I got into a weirdly deep conversation with a fisherman (about fish) at the bar, before we kissed in her doorway at the end of the night.

For those wondering, this wasn't a disappointing ending to the night at all — I don't think either of us expected to have sex.

Maybe it will be bigger and better than a normal penis.'I think it could be a really fun experience.'I would meet her. She said she wanted to meet the rapper when she returns home to the States in May.

Location: New York, New York Looking for: I just ended a relationship two months ago, so I don't know if I want a girlfriend right now, but I also don't like the idea of sleeping with more than one person at a time (but I don't want to, you know, have sex).