Royal worcester dating system

It also assured the person registering the design a degree of protection from copying.

The protection was dependent on the type of material and the class in which the product was placed.

The future care of the most vulnerable people in our society must be protected.

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The care sector has been landed with a massive £400 million bill and many providers now face bankruptcy.Imagine a small boy in short pants sitting in the front row of his local 'Flicks' during the mid-Fifties. Then the grumpy old commissionaire arrived, shone his torch at the offending boy and clouted him across the back of the head - 'Shut your cake 'ole you stupid little squirt! Humiliated beyond belief, the small boy's woeful sobbing was quite audible and he missed the rest of film through a stream of tears.It is one of two picture houses in Horsforth: the 'Imperial' on Town Street or the 'Glenroyal' on Okay, perhaps this scruffy urchin can't remember which cinema it was or even the exact year, but he does recall what happened next…he'd arrived in the middle of a public information film and the magnificent image of a speeding Class A4 60017 Flying Fox appeared on the screen. At the same time he feared someone in the audience would recognise him, tell his mum and dad, which meant another beating when he got home!In 2009, the Worcester factory closed and the trademark name purchased by Portmeirion Potteries of Stoke on Trent.In addition to its famous bone china dinnerware, the company also produced earthenware and decorative objects like vases and figurines. This is usually an underglaze stamp located in the centre of the base of the object.