Updating a row in sql server 2016

Our analysis of Page Compression has shown that using it can bring substantial benefits to Fast Stats People Stage and reduce the size of data and indexes by over 60%.There will be an additional CPU load to handle the compression/decompression but this is usually compensated for by the reduced I/O.Each time data access is performed from any tier, data access will be restricted by the SQL Server Engine, reducing the security system surface area.There are two types of security predicates that are supported in Row-Level Security; the Filter predicate that filters row silently for read operations.SQL Server 2016 builds upon that work with the promise of even more accurate estimates when you set the compatibility level to 130.

This reduced the storage required from 58Gb to 20Gb.Enabling page compression on an index will prevent you from moving to a SQL Server database that does not support compression, i.e.you cannot go back to SQL Server 2016 RTM (Express or Standard Editions).These columns are referred to as SYSTEM_TIME period columns.These columns can be marked as HIDDEN to hide it from end users.