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His estimated net worth of approximately million dollars.

Talking about his appearance and judging from his body, he doesn’t go to the gym.

While the guys are out picking, Danielle holds down the fort at Antique Archaeology, Mike’s store and base of operations.

She spends her time talking to buyers, packing up shipments and keeping Mike and Frank in line, while they keep her in stitches with their antics and jokes.

star Danielle Colby makes a living selling her vintage finds, but Radar has learned she owes thousands of dollars in taxes on those sales.

According to tax documents obtained by Radar, Colby was served with liens totaling several thousand dollars over the past few years.

But his most lucrative venture came when History channel began following his daily responsibilities at his shop.

Since the series premiered in 2010 attracting 3.7 million viewers on the premiere episode.

His client list has also grown from photographers, collectors, art directors and interior designers to include musicians, celebrities and athletes. Despite the attention Mike remains serious about his craft."There are rumors as to whether the business is real or if it's just for TV.It is real, we actually do work there, we do depend on it for our livelihood," Colby says in a phone interview earlier this week from Chicago.tonight * Where: Chattanooga Convention Center * Admission: adults, ages 6-11; discount on adult tickets purchased at an O'Reilly Auto Parts Store * Information: are the odds of turning a chance encounter at a yard sale into a national TV gig?That's just how Danielle Colby says she met Mike Wolfe more than 10 years ago.

Are frank and danielle from american pickers dating