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Others have admired photos of Hilda Gurney and her Thoroughbred, Keen, at the 1976 Olympics or spotted her as an “S” judge at C.You’ve probably seen images of Charlotte Bredahl-Baker and her Olympic mount, Monsieur, at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and of Christine Traurig riding Etienne at the 2004 Olympics in Sydney.The Romneys own several horses; Ann Romney rides as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis. The Romneys' interest in dressage — financial and otherwise — has furthered the impression that the sport is a pastime of the monied 1 percent. In his first riff on the sport, Colbert produced a red foam finger in a bid to show more blue-collar support for its competitors. 1" red foam fingers for use at the Olympic trials that secured the Romney mare a spot in London.It has inspired several episodes of political satirist Stephen Colbert's "The Colbert Report," with one aired this week in which Colbert — dressed like Roy Rogers — takes a dressage lesson from Michael Barisone, the U. dressage team's reserve rider in the 2008 Olympics. Ann Romney waved one herself, though there was no evidence of the red foam finger on Thursday.

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At the Adequan®/California Dressage Society (CDS) 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting and “Celebrating California Symposium” in Del Mar, California, Jan. team in 1997 at the North American Championships, riding Lugano. Charlotte is an international dressage judge (4*) and has judged all over the world. Throughout the work, Charlotte reminded her students to ride from back to front with elastic hands.

Charlotte-Bredahl Baker: Focus on Young Riders Charlotte Bredahl-Baker and Monsieur were on the 1992 Olympic bronze-medal-winning U. When you are teaching piaffe, passage and pirouettes it is best to do everything in short sets.

“It is better to do many short spurts than a few over an extended period,” Charlotte said.

Their score of 70.213 put them in provisional eighth place, though many riders still had yet to compete. "She was consistent and elegant," Romney told The Associated Press. She thrilled me to death." Ebeling, too, was upbeat about the performance. The trick is to manage that." He said he hadn't spoken to either Romney before the competition — he never does — but said her final words of advice were to "Do what you know (how) to do, and do what you do best." "It was a good score. Mitt Romney unleashed a torrent of criticism in the British media recently when, shortly after arriving for the Olympics' opening ceremony, he said the problems facing Olympic organizers were "disconcerting." It was the first of several gaffes that followed during campaign-style visits to Israel and Poland that were supposed to show off his foreign policy chops.

"She felt really strong and is peaking at the right time," he said. Rafalca's turn in the equestrian arena turned an Olympic spotlight on another issue facing Romney: his vast personal wealth during tough economic times in the United States. His wife's financial interest in Rafalca, a bay Oldenburg, has fed criticism that Romney is out of touch with the concerns of more modest-income voters.