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Jessica and Cody are likely targets for the Week 2 Ho H, particularly since Cody tried to backdoor Paul in Week 1.

Cody was slack-jawed when Paul revealed his Pendant of Protection and avoided the Chopping Block.

” Moved by his daughter’s plea, the ministry to which he and Janet would subsequently dedicate their lives was born.

Shortly thereafter, the young Lambert family relocated south, launching the San Diego/Baja Mexico chapter of YWAM and its primary focus, Homes of Hope.

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Our 2-and 4-week overnight camp sessions offer more than 50 instruction oriented activities- traditional, plus unusual-including English and western horseback riding, Red Cross swimming instruction, team and individual sports, archery, riflery, tennis, cooking, fencing, climbing, video, and wilderness survival.Head of Household comp and will be the week 2 "BB19" Ho H.That's bad news for last week's Ho H Cody Nickson who set things off with Paul as often as possible over the past week.Tonight's "Big Brother 19" episode ended with the houseguests battling it out on the set of a giant Candy Crush game in the backyard to try and win immunity.There were three long plastic ramps that led to a center area with a hole. Large plastic candies dropped down on the houseguests who cracked them open to reveal tickets.