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One of the acceptable documents listed below must be attached before we can process the name change on the account.

There is no charge for processing a name change on account.

David in my case date is stored in DD/MM/YYYY format in Database. As the original string doesn't include the "T" demarker, the default implementation in Angular doesn't recognize it as a date.

YYYY format in textbox or take user input in that format and same gets updated in my model. how should i change I know this is an old item, but thought I'd throw in another option to consider.

The letter must be on company letterhead, dated within 1 month of the current date, and include the phone number of the official signing the document.

Enersource will change the account name in the event of death, marriage, divorce or legal name change.

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The problem is that the default date is set to the day that the form was created.

I want the default to be todays date (what ever date that may be).

I have seen a few possible solutions online but i will be honest, they are over my head.

Here is the code that i am working with in the user form.