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Samples are converted to water by combustion, followed by reduction to hydrogen gas and reaction with titanium metal powder to form solid titanium hydride, Ti H Most laboratories analyze tritium by liquid scintillation counting of the decay events.

However, the low tritium activity of environmental samples generally requires that the water samples are electrolytically-enriched to lower the detection limit.

Tritium can be analyzed by measurement of its activity (radiometric) or its concentration (mass spectrometric).

Radiometric tritium analysis is done through measurement of the which is about 100 times higher than natural background in most regions, and so this method is of interest for tracing tritium partitioning in high background regions such as near nuclear power generating stations or tritium handling facilities.

As he says, “Dating in Vietnam was uncommon because of the conservative culture, so college was the first chance I had to explore the world of dating.” Tu focused his TEDx Talk on his research into racial dynamics in dating.

He analyzed perceptions and biases, opportunities and obstacles.

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